Week Two: Diggory Waite

There was something very, very different about this week’s session. Maybe it was the change of setting from the black box theatre to a carpeted classroom. Maybe it was the introduction of a few fresh new faces among both mentors and students alike. Or maybe it was because there was a murderer on the loose. A murderer of the winking variety.

We began as normal, sitting in a circle, chatting about the past week and what we’d be doing later on. And then it happened. Argh! A rather spectacularly lubricious and unconvincing death occurred. And then another. And another. In the blink of an eye (literally), students and mentors alike were dropping like flies (who just so happened to be terrible at playing dead). New mentor Max was elected as Detective to root out this wicked winker, but to no avail. After three false accusations, the game was up; and fellow new mentor Jude revealed herself as the murderer and the game’s victor.

To celebrate the end of Jude’s tyranny, we hosted two parties, both of which would include some very interesting guests. After being given a status-rating between 1 and 10, guests would enter the party and play the role of their respective rating. Whilst boisterous 9s and 10s could be seen swanning around the parties, conservative 1s and 2s would sheepishly stick to one place, watching the party from afar. It was the 4s and 6s, however, who were the most interesting watches. Subtle mannerisms, from humble bragging to slight feet-dragging, proved to sway one’s rating either side of a 5.

As the parties died down, a circle reformed and the theatre-favourite game Zip, Zap, Boing was proposed. Never heard of it? It’s simple. You Zip to send it to the person next to you, Zap to send it to a person across the circle from you and Boing to send that Zip or Zap straight back. Simple. So simple, in fact, that we started adding our own rules to add a little edge to our game. Bowling Ball would send a rolling ball hurtling around the circle that players would have to leap over – Mexican Wave style. Lobster saw everyone in the circle doing their favourite expensive sea-food impressions, snipping the air in unison with their pinchers. But, the most chaotic addition, Fruit Salad, became a worryingly frequent new feature, almost always becoming a mad and frantic affair as everyone was required to switch places within the circle.

Despite this week seeming different with new rules to an already well-established game, a new room and new people, one thing had stayed the same from the first week – we had a jolly good time.


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