Week Three: Hattie de Santis

This week’s session started with a company catch up over biscuits, squash and a mini boogie to Justin Bieber. We welcomed three new members to our ever growing team and then it was down to business.

Daisy proudly held two juggling balls in the air to which the company stared, baffled at those who claimed they were jugglers. Luckily for me, no juggling skills were necessary for this exercise. The ball was thrown from member to member, each calling out their own name as the ball left their fingertips. Once we repeated this sequence a few times, cementing everyone’s names in our memory, it was time to introduce the second ball. We hit the floor ready to send two juggling balls around the circle. The key was to make eye contact with your partners in the sequence so that the flow was never broken. As a team, we completed the challenge in record breaking time – what a success!

As we rose to the floor Daisy wished us all a happy birthday and informed us that there was a present located behind us. Each us picked them up; some were heavy, some were ginormously large and some were teeny tiny. One by one we presented our gifts to our friends. We all couldn’t wait to see their reactions! One member was over the moon with her Justin Bieber tickets (can you see there’s a bit of running theme to our sessions). Another was a slightly disappointed with her small box of raisins. Yet, one lucky mentor was ecstatic with her sparkling diamond ring presented to her by fellow mentor Diggory. The two mentors are now blissfully engaged. Congratulations to the happy couple!

After we warmed up our imaginations it was time to split into teams. Team ‘Girl Power + Jacob’, Team ‘Snapchat’ and Team ‘Could We Have Another Moment’ worked on individual freeze frames focusing on how we could tell a story through characters reactions. The image of a groom jilted at the altar was made more distressing by his parent’s tearful facial expressions. The parents in Team ‘Snapchat’s image were angered more by the cheeky expressions of the students who had thrown a house party without their permission. Finally, it was the scared reactions of the girls watching Jacob being bullied which made that image even more poignant. Once we had inspected each team’s freeze frame Daisy asked us to return to our groups and make one final image of what happened next. Team ‘Snapchat’ and Team ‘Could We Have Another Moment’s scenes crumbled into despair as a fight broke out in the church and the parents yelled at their daughter for her irresponsible behaviour. In contrast, Team ‘Girl Power + Jacob’s image had a completely different feel. Through their final image we learnt that the girls who previously looked on in horror found the strength to stick up for their friend. The bully was left alone as her friends abandoned her too. The power had totally shifted in this final image because the girls decided to step in and help.

Once again I left the session feeling incredibly proud of all our company members. All of us are embracing the 3 golden rules to the max; we’re being brave, being kind and most importantly, being ourselves.


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