Week Four: Hector Dyer

It’s not all fun and games…well, actually we’re finding it quite easy to make sure our weekly sessions are exactly this. All of this is thanks to the ever-growing (in numbers and in confidence) group of young people we’re lucky to be working with. Their infectious energy and creativity is somehow increased each Wednesday afternoon and word seems to spreading – three more members this week! This was our final session before the half-term break and it was a good indication of how far this group has come together.
As the crucial matter of laying out some –very quickly snaffled – biscuits and orange squash was being done, an impromptu game of ‘Piggy in the Middle’ kicked off. It was quite quickly, and with good reason, renamed ‘Diggy in the Middle’ as the unmistakeably gangly limbs of Diggory did their best to launch him round the room in a quest to try and get hold of the fiendishly elusive ball. Sweaty, exhausted but with a grin bigger than the Chesire Cat, Diggory flopped down in the perfectly formed circle as we kicked off.
It is always exciting to welcome new young people to the group in an immediate sense. Not only because the scope of characters and suggestions grows and grows, but also because those who have been around for longer can show how much they have learnt and help them settle in, be it explaining the myriad of options for Zip Zap Boing, leading the way in exercises, or telling them of Our Three Rules. 
The theme to this week was how we can give life and character to anything in our imagination. Having created a park scene with a summer breeze and a radiant sun, we quickly showed our steelier side and built a kitchen dripping with grease, grime and bin juice.
The bulk of the session was spent devising characters from a hodge podge collection of household items. One team chose a nearly finished toothpaste tube, another chose a sweet packet, ours took a barbeque grill while a match-box completed the set. After only fifteen minutes the four groups had built characters with incredible histories and habitats. There was Colin McColgate – no prizes for guessing which object that was – who had fallen off a delivery truck in Spain and squeezed out toothpaste to propel himself along. Our group created Barbara – the barbeque grill floating in space who followed her fire-extinguisher of a brother around the milky way collecting stars…how’s that for imagination?
So, a week off for all of us and then we’re back with a bang on the 17th for our first session with Adam!


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