Showtime: Jude Mack

The big day was finally upon us. The well-trodden boards of the Tobacco Factory stage were suddenly graced with Ruby on her scooter, Daniella dancing around on a cupcake high and Diggory in iridescent leggings and a crown made of candles.

We arrived at the theatre early on Sunday morning and the excitement was palpable. All of the mentors and students were uncontrollably hyper but Daisy focused our somewhat manic energy into an intensive and impressive game of (our own version of) Zip Zap Boing. We were then handed the dazzling costumes created by Bea Born and Tiggy Bayley and embarked on a sassy fashion show of strutting and posing as everyone felt their character coming alive.

We ran through the show a few times, only interrupted with sporadic dance breaks whenever Justin Bieber came on the speakers, and ironed out any last minute details. We then took our places for the performance. We sat excitedly as the final touches of face paint were added to every actor’s face (including blue glitter lips for the food items left in the Deep Freeze too long), and our massive audience took their seats.

Every piece was incredibly funny and touching and it made a huge difference to everyone’s performance to have a laughing, tearful, cooing audience reacting to our actions onstage. Every student performed with the confidence of a professional actor; projecting to fill the space, using physicality to portray their emotions and pausing to receive the abundant laughs of the audience. The most noticeable thing about the entire day though was just how much fun everyone was having. We were all incredibly proud of the vibrant, colourful characters we had created and the amazingly high level of performance, but it was the sheer joy of the students that made it such a special experience.

Miski perfectly summed up everyone’s feelings when we were all hugging goodbye by yelling, ‘aw man, can’t you come back next Wednesday? Let’s do another show!’


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