Friends of New Voices

Thank you for all your generous donations to our Crowdfunder campaign. Thanks to your support we managed to raise a whopping £1630! We are also hugely grateful to the University of Bristol Alumni Foundation for their grant.

The following backers earned the very exciting title of ‘Friend of New Voices’, and we will forever be grateful to you all!

Friends of New Voices

Clemmie Stanley

Marianna Pecoraro

Zak Khan

Kimy and Sarika Gujral

Oliver Stanley

Vanessa and Steve Troll

James Jacobs

Carl de Poncins

Daniel Troll

Helen Keston

Jack Cheshire

Mia Jacobs

Maria Ribes Pereira

Eli Lower

Alice Driver

James Alexander

Sue Gardner

Ruby McLynn

Amanda Knight

Cyril Benjamin

Lynn Wilson

Lucy Dreznin

Jude Mack

Georgie Southern

Franky Green

Devora Benjamin

Howard Benjamin

Ralph Olliphant-Callum

Martin and Gina Stanley

Jan Fredrickson

Cindy McLean-Bibby

Tony Griffiths

Deborah and Enrique Rafalin

Guy Buckle

Theo Scholefield

Mark and Jane Evans

Grace Evans

Davina Ridley

Alma Jacobs

Rachel Duc

Robyn Wilson

Aishani Sitaraman

Gary Jacobs

Emily Howard

Eva Hetzroni

Eloise Jacobs

Meggie Cassidy


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