The People

Bristol New Voices is run by a team of dedicated Bristol University students, under the mentorship and guidance of a number of applied theatre & adolescent mental health professionals currently working with young and/or vulnerable people in London and Bristol. We have been greatly inspired by the incredible work of Scene and Heard & the Two Worlds of Charlie F/Bravo 22 Company, amongst other projects, and recognise the importance of reaching out to these similar organisations to share thoughts and ideas, and gather advice.

Who We Are

Founder & Artistic Director: Daisy Jacobs

Producer: Ali Mills

Fundraising & Development: Bryher Flanders

Marketing and Communications: Jacob Fredrickson & Hughie Stanley


Diggory Waite, Elinor Lower, Emer Clarke, Hattie de Santis, Hector Dyer, Hughie Stanley, Jacob Fredrickson, Jude Mack, Leah Weerasinghe & Max Thrower

Production Team

Playwright: Adam Peck

Assistant Producers: Josie Hunt & Eleanor Buckingham

Stage Manager: Lizzie Buckman

ASM: Annabelle McCombe

Lighting Designers: Mae-Li Evans & Alison Cowling

Lighting Op: Alison Cowling

Sound Designer: Nathalie Perthuisot

Head of Publicity: Teja Boocock

Costume & Props: Alex Defert, Matilda Bayley, Beatrice Born


(Special thanks, also, to Alice Barclay, Alice Driver, Eloise Jacobs, Ros Paul and Adrian Dunkley, without whom this project would not have been able to go ahead)